The Money Plug was founded by a team of city professionals spanning across private banking, investment and wealth management.

We’ve collectively spent decades working with some of the worlds wealthiest people to help them build wealth. We often hear the excuse ‘it’s easy to make money if you already have money’ but we don’t think that’s a real barrier.

Instead, we believe that people who are already wealthy, have access to professionals like us to educate and advise them to make smart money decisions.

We, however, don’t think this should be confined to the wealthy 1% and instead, wealth mastery should be available to all those who wish to learn about making smart money decisions and achieving financial independence.

That right there is what drove us to create The Money Plug. Everything you need to educate yourself to be able to make smart money decisions, master wealth and achieve financial independence, in a format that works for you.

We know that the mahogany doors and marble floored offices that our clients loathed aren’t your thing 👵👀, you don’t want to know the name of the best investment manager in the city to meet with for lunch every quarter to discuss your investment portfolio.

You want the latest investment apps, money platforms and side hustle ideas delivered straight to your device – so that’s what we do, here on our website, on our social media channels and straight into your inbox if you subscribe to our newsletter.

Our mission at The Money Plug is simple; we want to give you the tools to empower every aspect of your life, starting with your money.

You’ll find we’re a little different to your usual investment and personal finance publication, we use emoji’s in our publications and personally use the apps and products we review and recommend.

That’s because we’re fairly young ourselves (excusing one of us, but he’s young at heart really 😉).

We’ve spent the last decade (decades for some) learning everything there is to know about finance and investing working for some of the worlds biggest investment firms and now, having mastered wealth ourselves, we want to share that knowledge and information with you so you can too.

Anyway, thats enough about us! Welcome to The Money Plug! 💸